Abundant grace…

“…a missing piece…a gentle reminder…

You do this for me, Jesus.

I am forever grateful.

You speak into my darkness.  You speak when I have no hope.  You speak even when I’m at my worst.

You pursue lovingly, relentlessly passionately.


It is the most hope giving part of my life when YOU speak truth in the middle of my mess.”


Early Sunday morning John and I played tennis at  Lilburn City Courts.  The courts and the walking trails were filled with people enjoying the morning.

My heart was heavy about some “stuff”.  You probably know how “stuff” weighs down.  My spirit was discouraged.  I played with little to no joy and motivation the game I love.


After saying hi to a woman walking the trail as we walked back to the car, I was struck with my emptiness.  feet_walking_zps64ac294a

“Lord, I have nothing to give her.”

Feeling my own neediness, I felt like I had nothing to give her.

But His reply…

“I do!”

Jesus spoke into my spirit, “I do!” 

I had nothing to give but Jesus says, “I do!”

He is not limited by me.

He always has something to give through me even when I sense I have nothing to give.

He has abundant grace for me and abundant grace for me to give away.

Proverbs 1:23 The Message

“About face! I can revise your life.  Look, I’m ready to pour out My spirit on you.  I’m ready to tell you everything I know.”




One Response to “Abundant grace…”

  1. Lisa Brittain Says:

    We have nothing to give expect the greatest treasure of all – Christ in us, The Hope of Glory!


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