Five Minute Friday – Place

Hope4journey is finding a new place.  For the last 13 years CBS has been my life and my love. (and still is)  It’s been the place God has used to stretch me and grow me up.

Facebook CBS picture

Now I’ve been called out of that wonderful, special ministry place and I’m seeking to listen and know my new place.

It’s an unnerving place.  I’m finding myself unsettled and trying this…FMF and that…starting my blog, Hope4journey.

It’s a place of asking Holy Spirit questions and seeking to hear answers and His Good Shepherd leading.

But here I am knowing His love and knowing His leading…STOP

This post is in connection with Five Minute Friday.  Join in the fun.

Five Minute Friday – Place




2 Responses to “Five Minute Friday – Place”

  1. tammysincerity Says:

    You are in such a good place!
    🙂 You are like Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening for the Holy Spirit and seeking to hear the answers.
    I am so glad to be your FMF neighbor this week.
    It’s difficult to transition from one place of service to a new one, not knowing what it looks like, but I am certain you’re going to bloom where you’re planted!
    #52 in this week’s linkup


  2. Lisa Brittain Says:

    Hey Ruth, I hear you! I hear your heart. This sounds like you! Great job! Really wonderful… Not just saying that. I wonder how many others reading are looking for their place.
    I’m very encouraged by your honest seeking!
    I love you, friend.💜


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