Five Minute Friday – Speak

August 20, 2017

Five Minute Fridays with Kate Motaung is a  challenging blogging opportunity. Each week she gives a word to consider.  The idea is to ask the Holy Spirit what He is stirring up in us associated with this “word” for the Friday.

It is amazing.  You should try it!

It  stirs up my thinking and questioning…asking the Lord, “What are You saying about this word?  What are You already teaching me about this word?”

So thank you, FMF and Kate for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to to “stir up” the gifts within us!  Gifts/ideas we may not be aware are there at all.

So…here we are go…

I’m reading a book about hearing God’s voice.  Mark Verkler, the author of 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice is challenging us to know prayer is a two-way conversation with God.  God speaks and we speak to him as well. Prayer is a conversation between friends.

The assignment yesterday was to speak to God…journal about why I love God and then to allow Him to speak to me/respond to me.

Jesus this is why I love You so much..

I know I love You because You 1st loved me.  But You made that love, Your love, known to me early early as a child – long b/4 I knew you.  I love it that You pursured me when I most needed it.

Tell me Jesus what it was like for You?

Ruthie, Ruthie – I saw your unformed self b/4 you were in your Mom’s womb.  I’ve thought and planned for you.  I knew it would be a stretch for your Mom and Dad but I planned and purposed and loved and prepared for you.  You are my delightful design, daughter.

STOP 🙂 have to share the rest of our conversation….

I have loved you before you were born.  Even as a child I pursued you. You were never alone then and you are never alone now.  You’ve never been alone, Ruthie.  That’s a lie the enemy comes with.  I am with you sweet precious, Ruthie!  Breathing in your love, Ruthie!  Breathing in Your love, Lord Jesus!

Breathing in your love, Ruthie!  Breathing in Your love, Lord Jesus!

Breathing in Your love, Lord Jesus!

So friends encouraging you on to love and good deeds in two areas. 

  1. Try Five Minute Friday.  See what the Holy Spirit surfaces in you as the words are given each Friday.
  2. Try prayer as a two-way conversation with God.  He loves you and has so much to say to you.  Try two way journaling.

Five Minute Friday – Speak



Five Minute Friday – Place

August 11, 2017

Hope4journey is finding a new place.  For the last 13 years CBS has been my life and my love. (and still is)  It’s been the place God has used to stretch me and grow me up.

Facebook CBS picture

Now I’ve been called out of that wonderful, special ministry place and I’m seeking to listen and know my new place.

It’s an unnerving place.  I’m finding myself unsettled and trying this…FMF and that…starting my blog, Hope4journey.

It’s a place of asking Holy Spirit questions and seeking to hear answers and His Good Shepherd leading.

But here I am knowing His love and knowing His leading…STOP

This post is in connection with Five Minute Friday.  Join in the fun.

Five Minute Friday – Place



It all started with Romans 15:13

August 8, 2017

I can’t remember exactly when I first read Romans 15:13. But it’s truth clung to my heart.  I do remember the very rough, seemingly hopeless, circumstances that surrounded me.

Maybe you need hope 4 your journey.  Let’s walk together…

“Now may the God of Hope fill you with joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”